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UNIROLLS manufactures a large variety of hardened rolls such as work and intermediate rolls for levelers and tension levelers, straightening rolls, scale breaker rolls and pinch rolls.

We're known as the industry's trusted supplier of premium quality rolls.
Our products meet the highest standards for material, heat treatment and finishing.


UNIROLLS uses only selected European raw materials, quenched and tempered, US tested, containing Chromium, Molybdenum and Vanadium, in order to obtain the best micro-structure and mechanical properties.

This will increase the output tonnage and lifetime of the rolls, through improved hardness, wear resistance, toughness and compressive strength.

Most used steel grades:
50CrMo4 / 51CrV4 / 58CrMoV4 / 86CrMoV7 / 100Cr6 / 100CrMo7

raw materials


UNIROLLS has a large availability of high and medium frequency induction hardening machines in order to obtain a hardening depth from 1 to 15 mm in radius.

After induction hardening the rolls are tempered at low temperature to remove internal stress. An inspection test report is released at the end of the thermal process.

A homogeneous hardness as well as the correct ratio in hardness between the work rolls, intermediate rolls and back-up rolls are essential to guarantee a long lifetime of the rolls.

heat treatment


UNIROLLS products are finished by grinding and polishing between centers. This results in a perfect geometry, particularly in terms of roundness and concentricity.

We guarantee a perfectly smooth surface, free of any defects such as feed or chatter marks. Roughness varies between Ra 0,05 and Ra 0,4 depending on your application.

Chrome plating and super finish on request. A chrome layer gives a higher hardness, better wear resistance and protection against corrosion.

heat treatment


UNIROLLS offers maintenance and repair services for your leveling and tension leveling cassettes or roll sets in our professionally equipped service workshops in Belgium and Poland.

The works consist of:

  • Disassembly of cassettes and rolls
  • Professional cleaning
  • Detailed inspection
  • Roll grinding or replacement
  • Replacement of bearings and seals
  • Installation and adjustment

UNIROLLS repairs your rolls ‘as good as new’ and guarantees a perfectly smooth surface, free of feed or chatter marks.
In addition we have a team of highly trained service technicians available for maintenance and repair work on your machines in your factory.

Surface Hardened Rolls
Surface Hardened Rolls
Surface Hardened Rolls

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