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UNIROLLS was established in 1968, one year after the first steel was produced in Flanders (Belgium). We have been a respected name in the steel industry since our early days, working together with well-known steel mills of the time, such as Sidmar, Cockerill Sambre and Fafer.

Since day one, when we started our mechanical workshop in Ghent, we have worked closely with end users to improve existing parts and develop innovative solutions. Today we are proud to be a continued and trusted partner of many of our early customers, and our customer base is constantly growing worldwide.


UNIROLLS has more than 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of several types of premium quality rolls for the metal and other industries.

At UNIROLLS size doesn’t matter!
We can produce rolls from Ø 20 mm up to Ø 1500 mm with a maximum length of 8000 mm.
We are able to recommend the most appropriate steel grades or coatings for each application.

The company is known for its attention to detail, choice in highest grade raw materials, advanced hardening and coating processes for providing the best finishing in the market. In addition to these unique attributes, our product offering is further strengthened by the best service support in the industry.

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