Hardened Rolls

Unirolls specializes in the manufacturing of hardened rolls, including work and intermediate rolls for levelers and tension levelers, straightening rolls, scale breaker rolls and pinch rolls.

We're known as the industry's trusted supplier of premium rolls. Our products meet the highest standards for material, heat treatment and finishing.

Unirolls buys the raw material exclusively from certified and tested European suppliers.

Technical specifications 

  • Diameter: 20 up to 500 mm
  • Max. length: 6000 mm
  • Max. weight: 10000 kg

Most used steel grades

  • 51CrV4 (1.8159)
  • 58CrMoV4 (1.7792)
  • 58CrV4 (1.8161)
  • 86CrMoV7 (1.2327)
  • 100Cr6 (1.3505)
  • 100CrMo7 (1.3537)
  • X153CrMoV12 (1.2379)

Heat treatment

The raw material Unirolls uses is quenched and tempered to QT 900-1050 MpA

Unirolls then controls the induction hardening process to increase wear resistance, surface hardness and fatigue life through creation of a hardened surface layer while maintaining an unaffected core microstructure.

Finishing (our standards)

  • Grinded between centers (no centerless grinding for finishing!)
  • Free of feed and chatter marks
  • Diameter h7
  • Roundness 0/+0,005
  • Concentricity 0/+0,01
  • Run-out max. 0,05
  • Roughness
    • for Aluminum Ra 0,2
    • for Stainless Steel Ra 0,3
    • for Carbon Steel Ra 0,4
  • Chrome plating and polishing on demand


What is the influence of the different alloys?

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