Cast Rolls

Unirolls has a strategic alliance with Uni Abex Alloy Products Ltd. to manufacture premium centrifugal cast rolls in heat and corrosion resistant alloys, including:

  • Sink Rolls
  • Stabilizer Rolls
  • Furnace Rolls
  • Hearth Rolls
  • Deflector Rolls
  • Entry Seal Rolls
  • Wiper Rolls
  • Radiant Tubes

The Centrifugal Casting Process in metallic tooling under very high acceleration, produces a casting using centrifugal pressure. This pressure creates, within the alloy, a very important degassing, which rejects all the impurities, potentially contained in a liquid metal melt, towards the bore.

Main advantages:

  • Fine structured
  • Sound and compact
  • Perfectly homogeneous
  • Free from blowholes and inclusions
  • Very high mechanical properties

Our products meet the highest standards for material, heat treatment and finishing.

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